Watch My Morning Jacket Ignite 'Believe' on 'Austin City Limits'

My Morning Jacket ignite a visceral version of their psychedelic anthem “Believe (Nobody Knows)” in a preview of their upcoming Austin City Limits performance. Frontman Jim James navigates the slippery vocal melody and unleashes a reverb-coated guitar solo, anchored by Bo Koster’s chiming keyboard theme.

In addition to “Believe,” which highlights the quintet’s 2015 LP The Waterfall, My Morning Jacket round out their four-song ACL set with three tunes from 2011’s Circuital: the epic title track, “Victory Dance” and “Wonderful (The Way I Feel).”

In an additional web-exclusive teaser of 2003’s “Masterplan,” James and crew add a swampy vibe to the It Still Moves classic, as Koster fills the room with swelling organ chords.

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The episode – the band’s third appearance overall and first in nearly a decade – airs Saturday, November 12th at 9 p.m. ET. The installment also includes a six-song set from Ben Harper, who reunited with backing band the Innocent Criminals after a seven-year hiatus.

James recently released his second solo LP, Eternally Even, and launched a supporting American tour. In a interview about the socially conscious set, the singer-songwriter told Rolling Stone that My Morning Jacket’s next album is “pretty much … written” with recording sessions tentatively planned for spring 2017. 

“There’s something propulsive or rock & roll about [the new songs],” he said. “That’s how it feels now. But as I know from past records, I can’t even say that’s how it’ll end up. You’ll walk in with these rock & roll songs, and you’ll walk out with a record of the saddest, dreamiest ballads. You never know what’s actually gonna happen when you get down to recording, and that’s one of the most fun things about it.”