Marilyn Manson on ‘Terrifying’ Stage Injury: ‘The Pain Was Excruciating’

Marilyn Manson detailed the recent, dangerous stage mishap that resulted in a painful leg injury and nine canceled tour dates. “I only recently watched the video of it,” the singer told Yahoo of the viral concert clip. “I can see how it could look terrifying. It was terrifying for me, because the truss was not secured properly.”

The incident occurred toward the end of Manson’s September 30th set at New York City’s Hammerstein Ballroom, which marked the third night of his North American tour promoting new LP Heaven Upside Down. Roughly an hour into the show, after launching into his cover of the Eurythmics’ 1983 track “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This),” the frontman grabbed onto some metal bars between a pair of prop pistols; one of the pieces tipped over onto him, crushing bones in his right leg and bringing the show to an early close.

Manson told Yahoo he “wasn’t trying to climb” the prop but instead tried to “push back and didn’t get out of the way” quickly enough. “I’m not sure what I hit my head on, but it did fall onto my leg and break the fibula in two places,” he said. “The pain was excruciating.”

After an X-ray and hospital examination, the singer wound up with a plate and 10 screws inserted in his bone, with another screw through his ankle bone and a cast around his leg. Since then, he’s been recovering at home in Los Angeles.

But he feels fortunate the injuries weren’t more extensive. “It definitely could have crushed my skull and my ribs,” he said. “I have some minor bruising in that area, but it took six guys to pull it off of me. It was like wrestling a giant iron monster.”

Manson lamented that the tour was interrupted “as [he] was about to put it into second gear,” but he added, “I’ll be back there really shortly, and it’s going to be as exciting as it was starting out.”

The singer is currently scheduled to resume the trek on October 15th with a show at Grand Prairie, Texas’ Freaker’s Ball.