Macaulay Culkin Channels His Inner Kevin McCallister in Wrestling Match

Macaulay Culkin turned back the clock at a wrestling show in Los Angeles this week. Fighting against Peter Avalon, Ray Rosas and former WWE star Swoggle, Culkin did his best impression of Kevin McCallister – the unforgettable character he played in the original Home Alone movie released almost 30 years ago – by emptying a bucket of balls into the ring and launching a bucket tied to a string at Swoggle’s face.

Culkin then put the finishing touches by giving what appears to be someone dressed as Santa Claus a much-needed victory. And the crowd showered him with “Home Alone!” and “Culkin!” chants while he did it.

Culkin’s “interference” in the fight is for a new YouTube series being launched by the actor soon, according to Pro Wrestling Sheet. It isn’t the first time he’s been involved in wrestling, either. As Sports Illustrated’s Andy Gray noted, Culkin made a cameo on WWE Raw in 2009 after Swoggle took a page out of McCallister’s book by taking down Chavo Guerrero with a swinging paint can. However, Culkin simply saying, “That’s not funny” before walking away wasn’t nearly as memorable as his showing on Bar Wrestling’s “Christmas Special” card on Thursday.